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Managers are the hub of the financial institution, and Coaching Manager University is designed to help overcome the challenges you will face on a daily basis.

Learn techniques for effective coaching - no "shoulda, woulda, coulda"
Explore how to approach each coaching opportunity
Motivate your team through intrinsic motivation
Discover how to have problem solving conversations
Uncover the secret to providing "WOW!" service
Develop leadership skills that make a difference


Prevent resistance through proper training
Unlock the mystery of the underperformer
Master the keys to time management
Confront challenges before they become problems
Reveal the Pygmalion Effect - is it standing between you and success
Identify moments that make a difference

“To be an effective manager, you need to be an effective coach.” -Rory Rowland

Rory Rowland works with organizations and leaders to reach their full potential by sharpening their coaching and leadership skills. Rory says that to be an effective manager you have to be an effective coach. Rory is one of the most popular speakers at state and national conferences and he has spoken before thousands during his 25-year career.

Rory conducts and facilitates strategic planning, technology integration, leadership, lending, management development, marketing, human resource, sales culture development training for state and national associations. He has spoken in all 48 of the continental United States as well as Canada and Mexico. Rory has a MBA and a BS Degree in Economics.

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